“I prefer Travelling to Writing”Devrai

By the sheer frequency of posts you can know that my husband Devrai  prefers travelling to writing. ( The earlier post was also from me.. an article on Ladakh-inputs from him of course,way back in 2012)  He can dictate, can suggest changes in the draft when I write travel related or any other articles. Now a days, he can even writes Facebook posts. Period.

I have been after him to write  which never happened instead he left for trips of longer durations. I really feel bad that this is not being documented so I thought why not I write about his travels & post on  this blog  which was started by him after my incessant nagging.

For one , I love writing. Second… in our “tu tu, mei mei” verbal war somebody else may do it & actually make money out of it.

Truly, his travels are so good…Eventually,  I want to make it in to a book.  Till then….I will be blogging  & if Devrai is inspired then he will..Keeping my fingers crossed!

Here is Devrai…always on the move!


Right now, he is travelling for 2 months at a stretch. Before leaving, I  asked..”Can I write in your blog?”   I boasted that I write  a good copy . He did not disagree lest I forbid him from his current & future  wanderings.

As I told earlier  he hates writing..his  writing span is maximum FB posts so  to start with, I am just copy pasting from his FB page.

Here are Devrai’s FB posts &  my comments in between..

Left Mumbai on 21st May 2016 on an epic 60 day “Escape the Heat” safari in the Scorpio, 3 weeks Kumaon , 3 weeks Ladakh, 2 weeks Himachal. ….( OMG)

Yess… all the way  By Scorpio!!!

At Nainital lake

We spent only one day at Nainital, next 3 days we were at Pangot,18 km away. No crowd here, Great bird life.
Cooked and ate lunch at FRH, VINAYAK.

( I told you … he is a rare species…he loves to cook even on a vacation) More on Devrai’s  cooking kit/ kitchen in Scorpio in later posts.

May 27th 2016- Yesterday we trekked to Naina Peak, 7 km up, You get a grand view of Nainital. The trail was through thick forest.

May 28th-Yesterday at Sitlakhet, a small one street village 35 km from Almora, today we crossed Almora and are staying at Khim’s Guest house, Papper Saili.

From Papper Saili we drove to Jageshwar temple, but being season not a single room was available, so we drove a further 110km to Patal bhuvaneshwar, which is called thus because a deep cave with stalactites & stalagmites.

June 1st 2016- You are not allowed photography in the cave @ Patal Bhuvaneshwar, but the panoramic view from our resort was simply fabulous. We were here for 3 days. We also had a cook out.

Viju and myself enjoying, Aloo ke gutke, Bhang pudine ki chutney, kumaoni Raita at a road side Dhaba near Patal Bhuvaneshwar.

June 2nd 2016- Yesterday enroute to bageshwar at a small village called Vijeypur we got accommodation in a boutique resort called Chestnut Grove surrounded by birds. The bell is used to call for service.

 More in next post!


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