My Bhatkanti continues…Devrai

In the prevoius post, I  (Kavita – Devrai Shanbhag’s wife) had written that  when Devrai posts on Facebook, dutifully I am going to  share it as a new  blog post along with my comments.

So this is in continuation of my… ours earlier post. ( For the benefit of readers Devrai’s posts on FB will be in Italics.

Yesterday, ie 2nd June 2016, we trekked to Dhauli Nag temple at Vijeypur & left after a hefty breakfast at Chestnut Grove. Destination was Dinapani.
You need to go through Bageshwar where the temperature & traffic was worse than Mumbai. Reached Dinapani at lunch.

I do not know who has taken the snap but must say a good click. More importantly, Devrai agreed to get clicked..


June 4th 2016- Dinapani is on the same ridge as Papper Saili, from a village called Kaparkhan to Papper Saili this 10 km stretch is the favorite haunt for foreigners, the views are great but it was foggy during our stay here. Resin being collected from Chir pine trees.

Devaraya Shanbhag's photo.
From Dinapani we drove to Baijnath, it is famous for its 1000 you old temple complex, according to mythology the marriage of Shiva and Parvati took place here at the confluence of the Gomti & the Garud Ganga. The KMVN here is situated at a nice spot & has an excellent cook. He prepared a special Kumaoni Dal called Bhatt ke Dubke.
On Sunday 5th June 2016, we drove from Baijnath to Kausani, the shortest drive of the trip, 17 km,but 2500ft higher & 10 degrees colder. From kausani you can get incredible views of the Himalayas. You have to be at the view point at 5am and if there are no clouds, VOILA!!!
From Kausani we drove to Binsar, Club Mahindra. The last leg of part 1 of “Escape the Heat Safari”, Spent 2 days in the lap of luxury.Today, June 9th 2016,  at Haldwani, we have returned to the Heat, dust & crowds of the Plains.
At Kaladhungi, birth place of Jim Corbett.
This whole tempo load of Kadgi(Raw Jackfruit for Non Amchi) sold for Rs. 1500/-!!!
From Left to Right
 Akil Kharodawala , Dervai, Venkat, Viju Mudur, Babubhai Poladia, & Jyoti Jayawant
Snap taken at a chance meeting with Akil .
Devrai- Hi Akil, it was nice meeting a avid bird watcher like you. First leg of my trip is over, gearing up for Ladakh now.
Akil- Very nice to meet you there in Pangot. Best of luck may nature give u all the best in your trip and life always!
June 12th 2016- From Haldwani we drove to Rajaji National Park, Chilla Range near Haridwar, great forest but horrendous roads inside, first day I took my Scorpio, next day we sensibly hired a Gypsy .
What Chrisopher Guna (another passionate traveller, wildlife activist) has to say…”The proud blue beast and its riders…”
 June 12th 2016- Last stop of part 1 of safari, Ambala Cantt. Only famous for Puran Singh ka Dhaba & Saini(originally Kishorilal) Puriwala, both worthy of their fame
From 12th June to June 25th , Most of the time Devrai is out of coverage area so there are no posts. Am waiting for the   exciting pics of the  next leg- Ladakh region.

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